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What does the future hold for Oakridge?

Plans are currently being proposed for restoring the property and envisioning how it will be used.

Oakridge Estate Park Conceptual Plan: September 2011

The above Preliminary Conceptual Plan was recommended for Department of Recreation and Park development consideration. The Park Advisory Board (PAB) has met over the past year to obtain input from the Community and its own desire as to how the Oakridge Estate should be developed. This passive park incorporates restoration of the Oakridge Estate Home along with activities areas where programmed events and educational opportunities may be fulfilled. This Preliminary Conceptual Plan is subject to change based on ongoing review by the Department of Recreation and Park and the Community.

If you would like to provide comment on this item, Please do so by contacting Megan Cottier, the Councilman's deputy who is working on this project. She can be reached at or via phone at 818-882-1212.

Site Plan Narrative

HISTORIC PRESERVATION AREA: Restoration and Preservation of the Oakridge Estate will be the primary focus of this Historical Monument Site. The home once owned by Barbara Stanywck and Jack Oakie will provide a descriptive display of the Historic growth of the San Fernando Valley or the Entertainment Industry in general and the Architectural works of Paul Williams. The rear yard, with its natural Oak Tree setting, could be used for lectures, general gatherings or a host of other community activities. Receptions ceremonies before or after events, may be utilized on the existing Tennis Court.

PARKING: A new Entrance to the site allows for preservation of the historic driveway entry to the Oakridge Estate. The new driveway will provide safer ingress and egress to and from the site onto Devonshire Street. Onsite Parking areas will serve visitors' access to both the Historic Preservation Area and the Park itself. ADA compliant parking will be provided. Overflow parking will be provided as necessary.

ACTIVITY AREA/OUTDOOR CLASSROOM: This is a terraced slope area that will serve as an area where visitors can enjoy entertainment, lectures, or other community and school educational programs. This site will be constructed of natural materials to provide a setting consistent with the adjoining native oak trees and other natural features. A stage or platform area for small performances, programs or lectures would be visible from both the outdoor classroom and the adjacent Meadow Area.

PLAY ZONE: A nontraditional adventure and discovery area where children can explore learn and play in a natural setting. This area will emphasize the community's interest for youth involvement.

FLEXIBLE USE/PAVILLION: This multipurpose area will allow for group picnicking or other activities for quiet rest and relaxation. This area that can be utilized by groups such as seniors will be close to parking and other park amenities such as restrooms. A shade structure will shield the area from the Valley's bright sun and windy conditions.

ACTIVE ZONE: A place for active recreational use. A network of trails will wind through the entire park providing access to the Active Zone. Exercise stations could be incorporated into the design of the walking trail allowing for exercise options for all users groups.

NATURAL MEADOW: A large open area with a meandering trail network could be established. Display Station could be presented along the trail system. Interpretive signage along the trail system will inform visitors of the history of the site as well as educating visitors on native flora, fauna and water systems.

QUIET ZONE: Located in a cluster of native trees, this area provides a location for quiet enjoyment of the park.

WATERSHED DEMONSTRATION AREA: Sustainable design principles will be incorporated into the park design from the beginning. Storm water systems can include rain water collection for on=site irrigation use, bioswale filtration. Infiltration through permeable pavements, and meadow retention. The Watershed Demonstration Area will provide a location to collect site water via surface drainage and allow the water to percolate back into the groundwater system or be collected for site irrigation. This area will allow for sensitive environmental concerns to be addressed and be part of the educational theme for the park.

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